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  Our natural oxygen and ionic copper systems have root technology from NASA and have been installed in all 50 U.S. States and over 100 Countries since 1994. We offer a non salt softening and treatment system that gives you premium water that is safe and sustainable for people and good for the environment.


With our natural oxygen and ionic Chemsaver® Copper
combination, the only system to eliminate chemical shocking.
 Carbon Dioxide keeps the pH of your pool stable --
just like world class aquariums.

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RayWagner2ECOsmarte has completely changed the quality of my pool. I had the system installed on a trial basis by my neighbor Joel Cepeda, whose crystal clear outdoor pool has been the envy of the neighborhood. I knew that my indoor pool, with greenhouse temperature effect would be a major challenge for the ECOsmarte system and I remained skeptical that it would work... Read More


ErikaQuezadaHello! My name is Erika Quezada. I am writing to you to let you know how   much we love our Ecosmarte pool filtration system that we purchased fromThe Good Water Guy in El Paso! The water is so pure you can feel it. My husband, two kids and I live in beautiful sunny Florida and on very humid and hot summer days the water just feels light and refreshing which I attribute to the lack of chemicals floating in the water... Read More



My partner and I live in El Paso County. The water is ok but nothing compared to the water from the Purity Bay water filtration system we purchased from your company. I have bottled water straight from my sink. No more having to buy bottles which not only pollute our planet but cost a lot of money... Read More

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  Swim with no eye irritation!                          We are NSPF® Certified

    No scale or hard water lines!                    Pool/Spa Operators® (CPO®)