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Dear ECOsmarte,

I am very pleased to share my experience with the ECOsmarte swimming pool treatment system, which I installed three months ago. I had been struggling with my pool since I moved in to my current residence 15 months ago. This is the story of my pool.

When I moved in, the house had been vacant for several months and the pool experienced a major algae bloom. I spent the next month dealing with this--large amounts of chlorine shock treatment plus algaecide and flocculent. I even drained one half of the pool volume and refilled it in an attempt to improve water clarity. Please note that I have a covered and enclosed pool, and in the summertime, with green house effect, the pool house temperature is typically in excess of 100 degrees F, and the pool water temperature is in the mid to upper 80's. This is an ideal environment for algae and bacterial growth. After several weeks, I finally achieved acceptable water quality for swimming. This required frequent chlorination, several pounds of shock treatment every three days coupled with chlorine tablets in the floater. In addition copper algaecide was added frequently. I also replaced the sand in my filter, which I would run 12 hours a day. I assumed the slight residual water turbidity was a consequence of the thermal stimulus for microbiologic growth coupled with the relatively high porosity of my sand filter.

ECOsmarte has completely changed the quality of my pool. I had the system installed on a trial basis by my neighbor Joel Cepeda, whose crystal clear outdoor pool has been the envy of the neighborhood. I knew that my indoor pool, with greenhouse temperature effect would be a major challenge for the ECOsmarte system and I remained skeptical that it would work. To make a long story short, within 2 days of installing the system my pool was crystal clear and chlorine free. I could visualize the detailed texture of the pool bottom for the first time! I did not have the ECOsmarte system tied in to the automatic timer initially and operated it manually each day. I then left town for a one week vacation in late August, leaving the system off Imagine my dismay when I returned home to discover a major algae bloom of the same intensity as when I first moved into the house. I immediately turned on the ECOsmarte system and ran it continuously for 24 hours. The pool was clear the following day.

Needless to say, I finalized my purchase of the system on the spot. I tied the system into the timer, and it only requires operation 6 hours a day (as compared to the 12 hours per day pre ECOsmarte) and I have not added any chemical oxidants or algaecide for two months. I simply keep the water pH in the neutral range and ECOsmarte does the rest. The water quality is absolutely superb. I am very excited about this product, which I consider to be a breakthrough technology. I can confidently recommend this system to anyone without reservation. Thanks ECOsmarte.

Ray A. Wagner, M.D.
El Paso, TX
Posted By: Ray A. Wagner, M.D.
El Paso Resident, El Paso Texas
My partner and I live in El Paso County. The water is ok but nothing compared to the water from the Purity Bay water filtration system we purchased from your company. I have bottled water straight from my sink. No more having to buy bottles which not only pollute our planet but cost a lot of money. Also no more carrying those heavy and bulky 5 gallon containers to put on the water cooler which is a quite difficult task might I add.

Not only am I drinking pure clean good tasting water but at the same time I am saving a lot of shelf space in the fridge and pantry from having to store bottled water and the 5 gallon containers (I had 6 of them). The fact that the water is super clean it allows me to rinse all my fruits and vegetables straight of the sink making every dollar that I spend on organic veggies worth it.

Everyone that has come into my kitchen has been served delicious water from my sink and has loved it! I couldn’t be happier with the Reverse Osmosis in my kitchen.

We are also enjoying the water everywhere else in the home. Our product consumption has been greatly reduced due to the fact that we no longer need to use so much shampoo, conditioner, etc. One small drop the size of a dime will do. I have really long hair, so another savings here.

My French bulldog has skin allergies and we have to use special shampoo which is rather expensive and I’ve noticed the consumption here has been drastically reduced as well.

We are really happy with this financial investment we made. It’s one of those investments that will last you a lifetime and those are rare.

Aside from purchasing the Purity Bay water filter system we also purchased the Ecosmarte system for both our hot tub and swim spa and boy let me tell you, if I thought the Purity Bay filter was the best investment ever this completely doubles that. It is like swimming in bottled water. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life. I no longer have to be adding endless amounts of chlorine, shock, water clear etc. Actually I don’t have to add nothing at all. Just like that the water stays SUPER clean and NO chemical smells what so ever. The amount of money I will be saving here will pay for the Ecosmarte in no time.

I highly recommend the Ecosmarte system to any hot tub, swim spa or pool owner. This system gets 5 stars plus…. Overall we are one happy-happy customer. To anyone who reads this I say, investing in cleaner water is the best decision you will make in your life, your body is about 60% water and your skin is your largest organ, therefore treating it with high quality water is the best thing you can do.

S. Marquez
Posted By: S. Marquez
El Paso Resident, El Paso Texas
Hello! My name is Erika Quezada. I am writing to you to let you know how much we love our Ecosmarte pool filtration system that we purchased from The Good Water Guy in El Paso!

The water is so pure you can feel it. My husband, two kids and I live in beautiful sunny Florida and on very humid and hot summer days the water just feels light and refreshing which I attribute to the lack of chemicals floating in the water.

The pool water feels as if you are swimming in a natural spring. There’s no harsh chemicals to worry about, which is a must with my little ones eczema and my dry skin. Even after a few hours of pool time there’s no chlorine or salty sticky feeling or smell radiating from me or the pool.

My kids, 2 and 5, love to swim and can spend hours in the water and I have peace of mind that its ok because the water is free of chlorine and other harsh chemicals plus their little eyes are never irritated, that alone is worth it.

We’ve had the Ecosmarte pool filtration system for over 9 months now and not once did I have to add any chemicals to it or call for pool maintenance. My pool water stayed clean all winter and now spring, I want to say that it has already paid itself!

The convenience of self-serving system my pool is always ready for use, we saved for sure about $ 1,200 in pool maintenance not to mention about $ 600 in chemicals depending on the weather sometimes it’s more and this is only in one years time.

My husband said it was a straight forward installation following the instructions provided. In less than half an hour the Ecosmarte was installed, so that means I probably saved about $ 2,000 in expensive pool plumber installation. Any questions we have had The Good Water Guy has been quick to help. The unit was delivered quickly with all we needed to install.

I took some pictures to show how our Ecosmarte is installed on our pool for real life reference. We recommend the The Good Water Guy’s Ecosmarte pool system to anyone, you won’t regret it!

Thank You Good Water Guy for caring enough to encourage us to get our no salt-no chlorine pool system!

Erika Quezada Largo, Florida
Posted By: Erika Quezada
EcoSmarte Pool Owner

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